Why is FIRST Robotics is the best STEM Program?

Stem Majors

• FIRSTstudents are 2X as likely to major in science or engineering
• 41% major in engineering
• 33% major in engineering

School engagement increases

• 88% of students more interested in doing well in school
• 90% plan to take a more challenging math or science course
• 91% are more interested in going to college

21st century work-life skills

• 98 percent Improved problem solving skills
• 95 percent increased time management skills
• 93 percent increased conflict resolution skills
• 76 percent strengthened communication skills

FIRST Alumni in STEM Careers

Over 75 percent of FIRST Alumni are in STEM fields as a student or professional

2019 Destination: Deep Space

Winner of the Innovation in Controls Award at Houston Championship
Semi-Finalist in the Carver Division at Houston Championship
Quarter-Finalist at the South Florida Regional
Engineering Inspiration Award at the South Florida Regional
Dean’s List (Jennea Katic) at the South Florida Regional
Innovation in Controls Award at the South Florida Regional
Quarter-Finalist at the Orlando Regional

2018 FIRST PowerUp Awards

Quarter-Finalist in the Carver Division at the FIRST Championship Houston
Quarter-Finalist at the South Florida Regional
Semi-Finalist at the Smoky Mountain Regional
Semi-Finalist at the Orlando Regional
Winners of the Engineering Inspiration Award
Mission Mayhem Winner

2017 FIRST Steamworks Awards

 Quarter-Finalist in Newton Division at FIRST Championship Houston
Smoky Mountain Regional Winner 

Smoky Mountain Regional Judges’ Award

Orlando Regional Semi-Finalist 

Orlando Regional Judges’ Award
Mission Mayhem Winner

Mission Statement FIRST Team 744’s purpose is to glorify God and to exemplify gracious professionalism while equipping students with knowledge of science and technology through creative problem solving and competition in the FIRST robotics program. Gracious Professionalism FIRST Team 744 views gracious professionalism as a unique quality that all team members should aim to display. Team 744 portrays gracious professionalism by treating teammates and competitors with respect, while still having the highest team spirit possible. FIRST Team 744 aims to be cheerful when losing, humble when winning, and courteous to all those around.

What our students say about FIRST Robotics

"It has completely changed my life. Without FIRST I would be going into graphic design, I would have zero people skills and exactly one friend. This team has not only taught me so much but it has also given me friends I will have for a life time as well as a second family and a second home."

"It has been absolutely inspirational, giving me opportunities that I couldn't have dreamed of before. I do not think I would be at MIT with a Gates Millennium Scholarship without FIRST robotics, and I am so excited to help give that opportunity back to students."

"Being in FIRST really put me ahead of the game in college engineering. It made grasping 3D concepts and theories much easier because I could usually relate it to something in a robot. "

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