Florida Team Map

We have put together a team map for all of the Florida FRC Teams and where they are located. The blue outlines show which county the team is.  If you click on the FIRST icon, you will see more information on the team and a link to their page on FIRST.  Included is the State Senator and Representative for that team.  Click on FRC TEAM Map to access for more options.  We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please email us at sharkattack744@wa.edu



Every year we use iPads to collect our survey information.  We have used  Numbers, Excel and an app by another team.  This year we are excited to use Google Forms and a Google Add-on APPSHEET that allows your to convert your google form into an andriod or ios app.  Although we are going to use it to collect data off-line this year, it can be used to on your phone with a data plan that will give you live data.  For more information on how we use these for survey, email us at sharkattack744@wa.edu

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FIRST Team 744 Safety Tips:

Team 744 realizes that there are certain intrinsic risks in participating on a FIRST team. Therefore, it is critical to practice safe habits at all times. Below is a list of important reminders for teams to remember as they build and compete with their robots.

1.When working on the robot, with power tools, in the pits, or on the field it is essential to wear safety glasses.
2. Keep a FIRST Aid Kit and a fire extinguisher available and accessible in your lab and with you at competition in your pit and make sure it is easily accessible at all times.
3. Train every team member in the use of the safety equipment listed in #2, if equipment used incorrectly it can become hazardous quickly.
4. Teach/refresh each student in the basics of CPR at the begging of each season or school year.
5. Build your robot with safety in mind: no sharp edges and no exposed wires.
6. Keep food and drinks outside of your lab and pit (excluding closed bottles of water)
7. Always make sure you be in the company of at least one other person when working in the pit, lab, or wherever else your robot may be.
8. Keep a clean workplace. Make sure the floors are always neat and tidy and put tools away after you are finished using them.
9. At no time should there be any horse-play in the pit, lab, or around robots.
10. No running in the pits.
11. Use common sense. Even if someone or something is not specifically telling you not to do something, intuition can tell you whether or not what you are doing is safe. Safety FIRST, everyone!

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