Scott Greven:

Scott is the is one of the strongest mentors on FIRST Team 744. He dedicates a massive amount of time to our team, and his vast knowledge of technology that he’s learned at Motorola has benefited our team enormously. We wouldn’t be where we are now without him!


Kent Stolley:

Kent is the heart and driving force behind FIRST Team 744. He is an inspiring mentor who is always ready to work hard. He is not only a team spearhead, but also a spiritual leader who keeps the Lord our primary focus.  He teaches Physics and Robotics at Westminster Academy.  He has degrees in mechanical engineering, biology and chemistry.


Gregg Coningsby:

Gregg is the lead mechanical engineer of APEX Machine Company. He brings his passion and talents for engineering to the team in order to bring FIRST Team 744’s robots to life.


Judy Linger:

As a former IBM programmer, Judy brings her extensive and impressive knowledge of programming to life in our robots. Judy works with 744 students to help them understand and eventually write their own programs for the robot.

PaulPaul Warters:

Paul’s capabilities with mechanical devices of all types have shone through for years in the life of FIRST team 744 robotics. With many years in the auto-mechanical field also in his pocket, Paul now runs SwingStoppers, which provides a unique, new line of products designed to quickly and easily secure your boat and lift for hurricane conditions and theft.


Lauren Cooley:

Lauren, as a returning alumna, has made a powerful impact on our Strategy team. She is our coach at competitions and brings a unique analysis to the game during the design process.  Lauren is also assisting on the Chairman’s Committee.

Alex DanielsenAlex Danielsen:

Alex Danielsen is an alumni, who mentors our students in game strategy and programming.  Alex graduated from MIT and is in Norway working on his graduate degree. Alex mentors our programming team still even though his in Norway.  He also is mentoring a rookie team FRC Team 7000 from Hell, Norway.


Robert Timmer:

Robert has kindly dedicated his time to assist us in building our robots, obstacles, and goals. He focuses on helping the students come up with and model ideas for robot designs.

Josh Slocumb:

Josh Slocumb is an alumni of Shark Attack and has joined our team as a mentor.  He recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is employed by one of our long time sponsors APEX Machine Company.  He recently held a class for the team and taught them how to use Inventor.

stolleycCathy Stolley:

Cathy Stolley works in Information Technology for Westminster Academy and mentors and assists the team with website, social media, and scouting.  In addition, she leads the Chairman’s Committee.

JovanJovan Katic:

Jovan Katic has worked in automotive manufacturing since 1988.  He designs body and engine parts.  He has designed and manufactured a fuel management system.

AlexAlex Warters:

A recent graduate of our program after four years of dedication to 744 has come back to help on design, electrical, and mechanical. Alex currently is studying mechanical engineering at UCF.

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