Team History

Team 744 Shark Attack has a long and rich history, despite only being recognized as a team since 2006. Prior to 2006 we were a part of retired Team 710 PAW and prior to that, we had affiliations with retired Team 267 Demolition Squad. Therefore, some of our mentors have been a part of Team 744 for over 10 years. APEX Machine Company has been the strand that remains constant through the fluctuations in the team. Westminster Academy is the last of four schools to be a part of this morphology, and has been a gracious and generous sponsor of Team 744. When we became Team 744 we changed our name from PAW to Shark Attack in order to accent the fact that we are proud South Floridians, whose school is located a mere mile from the Ft. Lauderdale beach. Since Shark Attack has been associated with a single school, we have had the opportunity to grow a stronger centralized team. Three years ago a class curriculum was developed and an elective was offered in robotics. This sparked the interest in many of our most active members, and has provided regular meetings for a majority of our team during the school day. Also, in the past few years our team has started to see a return of alumni as mentors to the team and a few alumni employed by APEX Machine Company. All of these factors have cemented Shark Attack into a team that can confidently say that we are performing at our highest level since our inception over ten years ago.

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