Over 60 people participated in this kickoff event (I believe this is a team record).  We consumed more food than any previous kickoff.  We spent more man hours modeling the game than in any previous kickoff.  We demonstrated more robots and conducted more facility tours than in any previous kickoff.  We had more mentors and students involved in preliminary design than in previous years.  I counted at least 7 team alumni, 4 collegiate mentors, 10 industrial mentors, 9 sponsors, 10 parents, and more than 30 students in attendance.  Thank you to all who assisted in set-up, demonstrations, mentoring, sponsoring, serving, and breakdown.

By the end of the Kickoff 4 orders for robot parts had already been placed for the 2014 build season.  By meeting’s end our team had also raised over $21,000.00 for the 2103/2014 school year (this includes all funds committed from the beginning of the school year to date).  Registration fees have been paid for both regional events and more than half of our fundraising for the season is complete.  Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Our team is still seeking additional mentors, sponsors, and team mom’s to make this year a success.

Doors opened at 7:00am for set-up and closed at 7:00pm following clean-up.

– Mr. Stolley

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